Are you tired of getting results and loosing them again? Do you feel like your going around in circles?


Do you struggle to find the motivation to make lasting changes with your health and fitness?


Have you been coasting on a weight loss plateau and don't know what to do next?


Do you want to take all aspects of your health and fitness to the next level?


Hi I'm Mike and I run Balance Point PT. If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions then be proactive, take charge and take action right now!
At Balance Point PT I take a holistic approach to helping you acheive your ultimate potential. It's not just about strength and fitness... It's about you as a whole person and all the facets that involves. It's about making sure each of these areas are addressed so you can find balance. It's about getting you to RETHINK what you know about health and fitness, it's about getting you to REDEFINE your physical, mental and emotional boundaries so that holistically you can EVOLVE in to the ultimate version of you! 
If  you're ready to take charge and take your health and fitness to the next level then contact me right now about how I can help you RETHINK, REDEFINE and EVOLVE.