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What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT is a simple and gentle form of energy psychology. Think of it as emotional acupuncture without the needles. By

tapping on certain energy meridians on the face and body and using simple cues it can help us move through challenging emotional hurdles and leave us feeling freer, lighter and more empowered about our situations.

What is EFT used for?

EFT can be a very effective tool to help change self-limiting negative beliefs about yourself or certain situations.

It can also be used to help reduce or overcome:


Physical pain





Fears and Phobias






Or any other emotions which you may be experiencing having difficulty in working through.

There is an almost unlimited potential within EFT to discover the energetic (emotional) components/contributors to a person's unease/dis-ease. I am excited to be taking my practitioner certification through EFTi.




"EFT international is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skillful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or "Tapping") worldwide."

Do I need to be there in person?

No! EFT can certainly be done in person, but it's just as effective when done via phone or video call (Zoom etc). You can experience emotional freedom without borders or boundaries. 

* I am currently registered as a student and cannot take paid work; however, I am taking on board NON-PAYING clients to help increase my skills and to meet the requirements of my certification process. If you're interested in seeing how EFT may be beneficial for your current situation, please contact me here! *

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