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Hi, I'm Mike, I've been doing this whole PT thing for 20 years and I love it! I have a great passion for helping people on a deeper level to unlock their (your!) potential.  

I've enjoyed being physically active all my life, enjoying the challenge of exploring my physical and mental limits and loving and embracing how the body can be a such an amazing vehicle to experience life with! I've experienced many ups and downs and I've even overcome and healed an autoimmune condition through the (sometimes painful!) realization that everything is connected! We are a manifestation of our experiences and the stories we tell ourselves. Our mental commentary (self-talk), our perceptions about our reality, our past, our traumas, the quality of the food we eat, why we eat, how we move... All these things and so much more contribute to who we are and how we see and interact with the world.

Who we are/become is an accumulation of learned experiences. What can be learnt can be unlearnt and vice versa. We have a tremendous, unlimited potential for physical, mental and emotional change and growth if given the right tools and environment to do so! The one thing I've learned above all else is not to be limited or defined by any life circumstance! 

With Balance Point PT my vision is to take everything that I learn professionally and meld that with my own life experience and the experience and observation of others (my clients are some of my greatest teachers!) and take that knowledge and experience and deliver an empowering and rewarding training experience for you. 


Ultimately it is my hope that through improved self-awareness, the cultivation of sustainable lifestyle choices, habits and intelligent training you can RETHINK your own physical, mental and emotional boundaries so you can REDEFINE those boundaries and with this you can EVOLVE into the ultimate version of you!

Tuggeranong Personal Training
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