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15 wholefood breakfast ideas!

It's time to start thinking outside the box... the cereal box that is! Be brave and ditch the heavily processed high carb, high sugar food like substance that's called breakfast cereal! Here are 15 great breakfast ideas that will take your energy, nutrition and results to the next level. By starting your day with a wholefood breakfast you'll be increasing your protein intake, which is great for muscle recovery and satiety, you'll be increasing your intake of healthy fats which are essential for hormone health, brain health and again satiety and depending on the recipe you'll be getting some healthy carbs (unprocessed) that'll give you a great pre or post workout boost.

A common argument for breakfast cereal is that it's quick and easy. However, I argue that with a little extra time investment on the weekend you can do some bulk cooking and set yourself up for the week with 1 or 2 of these recipes and experience great energy, less cravings, more satiety and better results all round - I think that's worth an hour or less of your time each week! Having said that not all of these recipes are 'bulk cooking friendly' but most are, and you can freeze them for later as well.

Be brave, think outside the (cereal) box and take your results to the next level! Click on the recipe title to find out the details!

1. Porridge with Vanilla Bean, Apple, Cinnamon + Hazelnut Crumble - What wait! Porridge is a breakfast cereal! Yes, but it's not heavily processed and if you're going to go for any cereal porridge is definitely the one. Why not jazz it up like this one here!

2. Super simple porridge - Here's a really simple porridge recipe that's sugar free! Most porridge recipes call for some kind of added sugar, but this just sends your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Ditch the sugar - use banana or berries to sweeten instead, at least with fruit you get added fiber and antioxidants.

3. Quinoa Porridge - If you're following a strict gluten free diet then oats will probably be off your list of foods to eat so why not try quinoa porridge instead. Quinoa is actually a seed and the white quinoa makes for a very convincing oat alternative!

4. Savoury coconut flour zucchini bread - This recipe is packed full of healthy fats, protein and fiber that's sure to fill you up until lunch time!

5. Clean zucchini slice - Similar to the above recipe but made from almond meal and it's got bacon in it! Make sure you get REAL bacon not the stuff that's full of preservatives!

6. Savoury breaky muffins - Incredibly easy to make, great for bulk cooking. A versatile recipe that's super delicious!

7. Paleo pumpkin, bacon and chive biscuits - Biscuits for breakfast!? Why not!? They're portable and they're full of healthy ingredients like eggs, coconut flour and pumpkin.

8. Breakfast M&V - What 's M&V? It's meat and veg! Don't knock it till you try it, this simple herbed mince recipe is fantastic with steamed veg and a bit of avocado and it's out of this world with roasted veg too! The clients that I've converted to this breakfast say it's now one of their favourites because it's so filling and delicious!

9. Grain-free spiced banana and walnut muffins - These little beauties are packed with goodness! Clean carbs, healthy fats, lots of fiber and delicious spices!

10. Banana Bread - This makes a great post workout breakfast as it's full of good carbs and protein!

11. Easy paleo frittata - Frittatas are so versatile! You can put anything in them and they're bulk cooking and freezer friendly - definitely a staple breakfast for the time efficient trainer!

12. Chicken and sweet potato frittata - Awesome combination of roasted sweet potato and chicken, definitely a recipe to cook in bulk and stock the freezer with!

13. Classic green monster smoothie - Smoothies make a great quick and easy breakfast and they can also be super nutritious especially when you add a healthy dose of greens and satiating healthy fats like this one!

14. Thick and creamy strawberry banana protein shake - A classic combo. Replace the strawberries with frozen blueberries for added versatility.

15. Your favourite wholefood breakfast - What's your favourite wholefood breakfast? Why not take a picture of it and post it over on the Facebook page to help inspire others to think outside the (cereal) box!

I hope browsing through this list of wholefood breakfast ideas has whet your appetite, pique your curiosity and given you the courage to ditch the cereal! I can promise you that after a week or two of wholefood breakfasts you won't want to go back to the cereal box! Enjoy!

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