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Is it worth it?

Often along our fitness, weight and health journeys we’re faced with situations, circumstances or pieces of food that have the potential to take us off track, derail our efforts and place our goals that much further away from us.

When we give in to these external pressures or temptations, we can easily justify the momentary lapse in judgement or the unhelpful choice(s) and usually end up blaming our lack of willpower and endeavor to do better next time.

Next time comes around and we end up repeating the process yet again… and again we blame our lack of willpower.

Whilst it’s been shown that willpower is indeed limited and that daily stress, poor food choices, lack of sleep, current mental and emotional states all take their toll on your willpower levels. I believe there is one simple question that you can ask yourself in those tough situations which can supercharge your willpower and give you what it takes to make the right choice. At the very least this simple question will give you a reality check and create enough of a pause to help you make an empowering decision.

So what’s the question?

Is it worth it?

Asking yourself this simple question can mean the difference between walking away being defeated by yet another piece of cake, feeling emotionally weakened and feeling physically ‘blah’ or walking away feeling empowered and uplifted because you’ve made a choice to stay on track.

This is where having clarity of goal is so important - what do you want and why do you want it? If you know the answer to these two questions, then it will be a simple yes or no when you ask yourself is it worth it?

If the answer to is it worth it? is a definite yes then own that choice, enjoy it, embrace it and there’s no reason for guilt or regrets.

If the answer to is it worth it? is a maybe or a no, then step away and avoid the guilt and regret, make a better choice and be proud that you’re now one step closer to achieving your goal!

Have you ever noticed that some people have the most amazing willpower in the world and can just sit there whilst everyone else around them is eating cake? Or the person that gets up at 5am every morning and trains rain hail or shine all year round? Sure, they might have tremendous willpower but deeper than that, these people have one thing in common, they believe it's worth it! The outcome and benefits are absolutely worth the seemingly small trade off.

So, ask yourself

Is this piece of cake (insert another food item here) worth it?

Is it worth going back for seconds and blowing out on your calories for the day?

Is it worth not training just because you don’t feel like it (versus being legitimately tired or exhausted)?

Is it worth staying up late to watch that TV show knowing you’ll be too tired in the morning to train?

Is it worth not prepping your meals for the week knowing that it actually keeps you on track?

The choices we make each day either take us closer to or further away from our goals. They either empower us or dis empower us. They build us up and make us stronger or they chip away at our self-esteem and self-confidence.

It’s ultimately all up to you and there’s always a choice! By asking yourself is it worth it? you can empower yourself, supercharge your willpower and in turn make helpful choices and decisions that will lead you closer to what you really want.

Rethink. Redefine. Evolve.

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