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A Different Kind Of Resolution


A new year is almost upon us and for many that brings with it new hopes, dreams, desires and resolutions.It might typically be a resolution to change something external and physical, it could be a new job, a new car, saving for that epic holiday and for a lot of people it’s losing those unwanted kilos and getting in shape.​ ​​​

And so the New Year brings with it a new diet… another new diet… Maybe this time this diet will be different than the other 12 diets you’ve tried before (but never managed to stick to or make work long term). It’ll probably continue to be another physical and emotional roller coaster of number-on-the-scale euphoria and hair pulling frustration.​

And here’s the hard truth. No ‘diet’ will ever work long term because none of them (well the vast majority of them) fail to address the fundamental underlying reason for the weight gain in the first place.​

And that fundamental reason is ‘WHY”?​

You see most ‘diets’ only address the ‘what’ problem. The ‘what’ problem is what are you eating? But what if what you’re eating isn’t the real problem! If you only address the ‘what’ it’s like only seeing the tip of the iceberg without fully understanding what’s beneath!​

So, in 2017 I’m calling upon everyone to start an anti-diet! I’m not sure what to call this diet, maybe the North-eastern desert orange zest super-duper detox diet. But I don’t think that’s catchy enough, so I think I’ll just stick to anti diet…​

The main focus of this anti diet will not be the ‘what are you eating’ (but it will play an important role) but rather ‘why are you eating’. Addressing the ‘why’ is like acknowledging the iceberg has more to it than just what you can see on the surface!​

So, when or if you decide to lose weight, or shape up this coming year the first thing you must do on this new anti-diet is to ask yourself 2 things:​

1. Why am I eating things that I know are unhelpful?​

2. What payoff am I getting from eating these things?​

These questions are essentially one in the same, but it helps to come at this from different angles. The why and payoffs could be many things, it could be that the food is purely a convenience. Or are you using foods for comfort? Are you using food to stave off boredom or to deal with stress? It could be that’s it’s a habit that has gone unnoticed or unchecked. It could be an addiction (like a sugar addiction!). It could be related to deeper mental or emotional issues. Once you ask yourself why and you address the answers it will be the key that will unlock long-term freedom and happiness from the sometimes seemingly endless, dead end yo-yo dieting.​

So, in 2017 come and join me on the anti-diet as sometimes it's not ‘what’ you’re eating that’s the issue it’s why are you eating it - the things you know you 'shouldn't' be eating! After all, you know the soft drinks, daily chocolate snacks, take away and alcohol are unhelpful in your weight loss quest, but you still do it… So, ask yourself why? What’s the payoff?​ We'll address these payoffs in greater detail in the next blog.

Good luck in 2017, I wish you all the success and happiness you deserve! Never give up on your dreams… Sometimes we need to be brave enough to travel down the path least traveled!​

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