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It's time to celebrate!

I'll start with the same quote that I've used before in a previous blog post, but I feel that it's relevant to this blog too! It's an awesome quote, definitely one of my fav's...

"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change" Wayne Dyer.

I was talking to Wifey the other day and we were conversing about body image among other things, and she was lamenting about how she wasn't as fit as she wants to be...

And then a thought popped into my head (as they often do), not based in judgement but out of genuine love and curiosity of looking at something from a different perspective and it was this...

Instead of lamenting that we're not where we want to be i.e.: not fit enough, not the dress size we want to be etc. why not celebrate your bodies amazing adaptability!

Let me elaborate...

Your body is such an amazing bit of kit! If you pause for a moment and think about how it can simultaneously digest your food, heal a wound, regulate your immune system, build new cells, destroy old cells, coordinate fine motor control to pick up your cup of tea and bring it to your mouth (swallow said tea) and mentally rehearse and organize your entire day (or week or month!), all this among many thousands of other body functions AT THE SAME TIME is truly mind blowing! Your body is awesome! As well as those feats of bodily synchronicity mentioned above you also have the ability to get super strong, get really fit, build more muscle cells and lose any extra body fat! Your body (and your mind) are so adaptable!

It's perfectly normal and acceptable to not like where you currently are (being uncomfortable like this can actually be useful as it's usually the precursor for change/action) in terms of your body shape, fitness or even health, heck sometimes you may even feel like throwing a big ol' pity party for your current situation. But if you do, don't stay at that party for too long, don't get hung up on not being where you want to be because that won't do you any favors, it'll just keep you somewhere you don't want to be! Instead try look at things differently, see if you can't CELEBRATE your amazing adaptability and potential!

Who knows, if you're able to change the way you look at your situation, maybe, just maybe, your situation might change!

Go test the theory!

Until next time.... Rethink, Redefine, Evolve!

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