From Jeanette - Physiotherapist and ex-winter olypian...


“Balance Point PT classes are fun, varied, tough and very professionally run. I started Bootcamp about 10 weeks after having a baby. Mike was able to provide great low impact alternatives and monitor my form closely, enabling me to regain strength and confidence rapidly. Additionally, he sends out great information and recipes via email as reminders and inspiration. I would recommend them to anyone!!” ​










From Yaralie...​

I have been overweight for 26 years and obese/morbidly obese for at least 20 of those. I have tried so many times to lose weight and always fell back into bad habits, binge ate due to guilt and gave up because it was too hard. Mike creates an environment of non-judgement which has allowed me to speak of my fears, my emotions, my past and my poor belief systems and has helped me to look at things in a different way. Working with Mike has helped me see a more positive future where I can actually see myself achieving my goals and become the healthy and happy person I have always dreamed of being. Thanks Mike.”​

I recently engaged Mike to provide one on one Personal Training in an effort to lose weight and get healthier. He has been extremely encouraging and motivating. I have lost 7 kg in 9 weeks, combining a good nutrition plan (provided by Mike) with a gym program (also provided by Mike) and Mike’s one on one sessions. I found the nutrition plan extremely easy to adopt and Mike’s ability to provide alternative exercises to fit with my circumstances has made the exercise program easy to manage too.

“I’ve been doing Balance Point PT for 3 years now and in that time I have seen my fitness, flexibility and stamina increase. Mike is an extremely encouraging trainer. I always avoided boot camps because I am not comfortable with being trained by someone who is always yelling at me and does not fit to my fitness level. Mike encourages me to try harder without yelling at me (he is a little more forceful if he knows I am not working hard enough) and he helps me work to my maximum whilst understanding that I am not as fit or physically capable as some of his other attendees. He provides thought provoking articles around nutrition and exercise that help you to think about the way you fuel your body and help you to understand your options.










From Ange...

I joined Balance Point PT  Bootcamp to improve my fitness and general health and  well being around 18 months ago. I love getting away from my desk and in to the fresh air and sunshine at lunch time. It clears my head and my fitness level has improved out of sight. I've continued to attend the sessions since becoming pregnant a few months ago and Mike has been great at giving me advice on how to take care of myself during exercise and tailoring the sessions for my ability.



​​From Jessica...


Initially requiring much group encouragement/ bribery for the first couple of weeks I am now, 7 weeks later, bouncing out of my chair at lunchtime. The great thing about Balance Point PT Bootcamp is the variety and pace – you can’t get bored and you can’t give up because a change is only ever a minute away, plus Mike’s unwavering optimism and love of the burn (?!) is more than a little contagious. The results are pretty encouraging too; I’m noticeably fitter and stronger with my biggest achievement being my ability to do ‘real’ push ups for the first time, ever. 






From Chris...

Hi Mike, a friend of mine introduced me to Balance Point PT Bootcamp after I had achieved my previous fitness goal. My initial reaction was "how difficult can three 30 minutes sessions be"?


It's been a challenging few months. I love the high intensity, sharply focused routines you devise. I also appreciate the emails you send with nutritional info and how to cope with the holidays. You're obviously aware and understand that people don't live in a bubble but at the same time encourage behaviours which supplement the physical effort you make us endure.

Anyway, as to results? I've improved my 5k running by 10%. Not quite there yet but I'm convinced the heavy lower leg emphasis has helped. Ok maybe the emphasis is not really there but it certainly felt that way!

From Tracy...

I've just finished a 6 week stint of Balance Point PT Bootcamps and loved it! In just half an hour Mike gives a great workout - plenty of variety and gets the heart rate right up there! I've found that after a lunchtime session I have more energy to get thought the afternoon. I've noticed I'm getting stronger and toning up nicely! If you want to work out efficiently and effectively (and have a few laughs along the way), you should give it a go!