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From Boyd with his PT experience... I’ve been training under Michael’s guidance for the past 5 years. I’ve always been an active person but as I’ve aged, I’ve realised I haven’t really been looking after my body. Although I was reasonably fit, I asked Michael to go back to basics and gradually rebuild my overall physical health. Michael was great. There was no “standard formulae” approach. Michael took the time to listen, understand my needs and be flexible (without any unreasonable demands 😊) in progressively working with me to achieve my goals. The result has been a significant and long-term improvement in my overall health – “mind, body and soul”. I wish I had made the time to do it sooner. During the past 5 years I’ve also had some health setbacks, which Michael has helped me recover from. And I couldn’t be happier. For many people I think this type of client- personal trainer experience is rare. But I see it in his interactions with his other clients. I’ve recommended Michael (Balance Point PT) to my friends and family, and I would commend him to anyone.

From Monika with her PT and EFT experience... Michael at Balance Point PT is one of those rare people whose passion and desire to see his clients be healthy, strong, and fit is evident from all aspects of your interaction and training with him. As a long-term client of 13 years, I have been fortunate to have found a personal trainer that wants to work with me to achieve my goals, is truly interested, listens, and is dedicated to my individual growth, providing me with a personalised routine that best works for me. I constantly see the results and experience the benefits of my training with Michael in my day to day activities. He is willing to adapt to and understands life and circumstances can sometimes get in the way of training and as a result is flexible when you can’t train due to work or other commitments. As a person who has struggled with some health issues including a full knee replacement, Michael was one of the health professionals who enabled me to recover and become strong again. His adaptability meant that I was back training within two months of my major operation with a modified routine providing me the rehabilitation I needed and the ability and tools to recover quicker than I would have without his guidance. Importantly, he also knows when it is the right time to challenge and push your limits. His empathy and calm nature provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment when participating in an EFT session with Michael. You are able to explore personal issues in a secure, comfortable setting as he guides you through the session, making the experience worthwhile and one that I would genuinely recommend.

From Yaralie with her PT and EFT experience... Ive been training with Mike for round 13 years. In that time, Mike has helped me to increase my health and fitness, increase my strength in preparation for major surgery recovery and continue to exercise while experiencing multiple injuries. In addition to the physical changes I have experienced, Mike has encoraged me to think about how i talk to myself, changed the way I approach exercise and healthy eating and challenged me to break bad habits. His kind, calm, sensible and sensitive approach to working with me has made all the difference to me and how far I've progressed. I recently started to participate in EFT sessions with Mike. I've found these sessions to be a great enhancement to the physical work I am doing with him, as I work through emotional factors that impact on my health and well-being. I'd encourage anyone considering engaging Mike to help them to work towards achieving their health goals to take the leap. You won't regret it.

From Tania with her PT experience... I have been training with Mike for over 16 years. I was quite overweight and unfit when we started training and I would regularly not come to my sessions. He kept saying things like 3 x triple shot large coffees a day is not helping you! I ignored him until my body wasn’t going to take that crap from me any longer. Mike was so compassionate (yet firm) when I got serious about my health and mental wellbeing. He was there week in and week out and that has turned into year in and year out! Mike made me accountable to him and I ended up losing 40 kilos and a whole lot of mental baggage along with it. Mike writes a program for me – especially for me, every six weeks. He keeps training fresh and interesting. He is constantly updating his knowledge so I always feel like I am getting the ‘latest and greatest’ insights. However, he does not do fads and wants to see scientific proof of the latest trends before incorporating them into his client’s workouts. Now as a middle aged lady who works a desk job, Mike understands my changing needs (hello menopause) and alters my workouts accordingly. I am dealing with a serious health issue now that effects my mobility and it would be a whole lot worse if it wasn’t for my twice weekly visits (and accountability between those visits) with Mike for all these years. He specifically researches what he can do to help me in that area and tailors my workouts accordingly. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, have tried ‘everything’ to lose weight and gain wellbeing or are an older person who has never done a weights workout I highly recommend Mike. He is not the ‘ra ra’ type of person trainer. He brings kindness, compassion, knowledge, personalisation, empathy and tissues when required. There have been a few sessions with Mike over the years that the only thing that got a workout was my tear ducts and Mike’s tissue box (and not because of him). Mike’s workout room is a safe space, with no judgement. Mike truly wants to help people be the best version of themselves both inside and out and yes he will push you out of your comfort zone occasionally both physically and mentally but I know without a doubt that he is totally in my corner!

From Jeanette - Physiotherapist and ex-winter olypian... Balance Point PT classes are fun, varied, tough and very professionally run. I started Bootcamp about 10 weeks after having a baby. Mike was able to provide great low impact alternatives and monitor my form closely, enabling me to regain strength and confidence rapidly. Additionally, he sends out great information and recipes via email as reminders and inspiration. I would recommend them to anyone!!​

From Chris... Hi Mike, a friend of mine introduced me to Balance Point PT Bootcamp after I had achieved my previous fitness goal. My initial reaction was "how difficult can three 30 minutes sessions be"? Hmmm It's been a challenging few months. I love the high intensity, sharply focused routines you devise. I also appreciate the emails you send with nutritional info and how to cope with the holidays. You're obviously aware and understand that people don't live in a bubble but at the same time encourage behaviours which supplement the physical effort you make us endure. Anyway, as to results? I've improved my 5k running by 10%. Not quite there yet but I'm convinced the heavy lower leg emphasis has helped. Ok maybe the emphasis is not really there but it certainly felt that way!

From Jessica... Initially requiring much group encouragement/ bribery for the first couple of weeks I am now, 7 weeks later, bouncing out of my chair at lunchtime. The great thing about Balance Point PT Bootcamp is the variety and pace – you can’t get bored and you can’t give up because a change is only ever a minute away, plus Mike’s unwavering optimism and love of the burn (?!) is more than a little contagious. The results are pretty encouraging too; I’m noticeably fitter and stronger with my biggest achievement being my ability to do ‘real’ push ups for the first time, ever. 

From Ange... I joined Balance Point PT  Bootcamp to improve my fitness and general health and  well being around 18 months ago. I love getting away from my desk and in to the fresh air and sunshine at lunch time. It clears my head and my fitness level has improved out of sight. I've continued to attend the sessions since becoming pregnant a few months ago and Mike has been great at giving me advice on how to take care of myself during exercise and tailoring the sessions for my ability.

From Tracy... I've just finished a 6 week stint of Balance Point PT Bootcamps and loved it! In just half an hour Mike gives a great workout - plenty of variety and gets the heart rate right up there! I've found that after a lunchtime session I have more energy to get thought the afternoon. I've noticed I'm getting stronger and toning up nicely! If you want to work out efficiently and effectively (and have a few laughs along the way), you should give it a go!

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